The Moody Gardens Shark Exhibit

For many years I was not a fan of Moody Gardens. But I like to give credit where it is due.  They have really stepped up their game in the past couple years.  Palm Beach has been totally renovated to include a wave pool, awesome lazy river and water slides.  The rain forest pyramid now has three stories of walking levels with rope   paths going through the treetops so you are right up there close and personal with the animals.  But the best part, at least according to my jaws-loving daughter, is the shark exhibit at the aquarium pyramid.

The shark exhibit runs through the entire aquarium.  There is an entire section dedicated to the history, origin and general understanding of sharks.  There is also a stamp activity book where kids can hunt and find about 15-20 stations throughout the aquarium where a shark is on display.
In one area, they have their largest aquarium that is full of sharks, barracuda and other marine life. While there, we saw a group of divers go in to clean the tank.  They had one diver cleaning and three holding pvc deflection rods while spotting for the sharks!  I cannot say I blame them, I would want plenty of help and pay for that job!

The really cool part of that huge tank, is that you can walk through a glass tunnel where you are up close and personal with the sharks as they swim by overhead.

If you haven’t been back to Moody Gardens in a few years, I highly recommend you give it another chance this summer.

By: Paul H. Cannon


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