Be Careful of Foggy January Mornings in Houston

South Texas Fog is famous for causing chaos this time of year.  As over 140 cars learned last November in a foggy pile-up in Beaumont,  driving in the fog can be very dangerous.   Driving in the fog is tricky because the fog creates the illusions that vehicles are moving when they are not.  And you can be certain that distances are not always as they appear.

These photographs were taken during rush hour traffic along Highway 290 in Houston, Texas on January 23, 2013.  This is what the morning rush hour drive looked like for Houston commuters.

Please be careful if you must drive in this fog.


This photo looks like the drivers are headed off the end of a bridge to nowhere, but this is really just how limited the visibility was on 290.

You cannot even see that there are oncoming lanes of traffic just over the retaining wall because the visibility is so poor here. One of the problems with fog is that other car’s lights become hazy and unclear, making it hard to tell when they are stopping in front of you.  You must adjust your speed as well as your following distance, otherwise you run into a traffic jam like this and there’s little or no time to react:


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