Fatal Houston Work-Zone Traffic Accident at 13200 Scott Street Under Investigation

The Houston Police Department is currently investigating the circumstances of a fatal work-zone auto accident that occurred sometime after 6:00 a.m. at 13200 Scott Street on Thursday, December 8, 2012.   A lady, whose identity has not yet been released, apparently entered the street and struck a heavy construction vehicle with her Lexus.  The victim was discovered sometime around 6:30-6:45 a.m. when the work crew arrived on the site to work.

This was an odd accident because the street in question is new construction and is supposed to be barricaded at both ends. It will no doubt, receive attention from both local authorities and federal authorities including OSHA and/or the Federal Highway Safety Administration.

Federal and Texas State laws require both municipal and private road construction workers to provide proper safety barricades and warning signage to alert and protect drivers from unforeseen hazards such as this. Had there been solid concrete barricades or event orange saw-horse style barricades blocking off access to the street, perhaps this accident could have been avoided.

When these types of events occur, it is wise to seek the advice of a Houston car accident lawyer who has experience in dealing with work-zone accidents.  The auto accident attorneys at Simmons and Fletcher have seen and handled cases where a failure to follow the requirements of OSHA and other regulations have resulted in serious injury from a  work-zone accident.

Most recently, Keith M. Fletcher, handled a case where a barricade was omitted before a bridge under repair, allowing a vehicle to drive off the end of the bridge and plummet into a valley below in Northwest Houston, Texas. He was able to get a substantial settlement and successfully resolve the case without trial. If you have been in a similar accident, call him for a free consultation.


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