How To Guarantee A Jury Will Hate You: Driver Under the Influence Hits Daycare Van in Northwest Houston

Seems like some criminals just go to extreme lengths to make sure they have no chance of escaping conviction.  This appears to be the case at least, with one lady who rear-ended a day care van at a high rate of speed on Friday, March 1st, 2013.

Sonia Noemi Martinez was apparently speeding through a school zone when she ran into the back of a daycare van loaded down with 11 children.  The accident happened in front of Oak Forrest Elementary School on West 43rd Street.  After getting out of the vehicle, she told one of the emergency responders that she had too much alcohol to drink.
The children were transported to the hospital. Fortunately, none appeared to have life-threatening injuries.
Lets see: speeding, in a school zone, hits children, under the influence. This driver has gone to great lengths to make the jobs of the Houston district attorney and a Houston personal injury lawyer very easy.  About the only thing more she could have done to slam the door on her case would have been to whip out a cell phone and start texting just before the wreck!
Ms. Martinez will now likely face several charges for her poor decisions, including 11 counts of intoxication assault, driving under the influence and speeding in a school zone.  I suspect she will find lots of free time to think about this in her near future.

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