One Bad Trip to Punta Cana

My family and I just returned from a “vacation” in the Dominican Republic.  We made the mistake of staying at the Barcelo Dominican Beach Resort.  If you are considering visiting, I would suggest you go elsewhere.

We arrived to a room where the air conditioner was turned off. It took all night to cool the room down to bearable temperature. The television did not work. But the worst of the room issues was that the toilet did not have the power to flush down the toilet paper. So, toilet paper floated in the bowl and piled up like sewage. We called and complained but they never fixed it.

To eat at the “nice” restaurants, you had to get up and make reservations by 7:00 a.m. the day before, in person.  Who wants to wake up at 6:30a.m. on vacation to make reservations? The third night we were there, we had reservations at the “upscale” Spanish restaurant.  It gave us food poisoning. The symptoms included nausea, diarrhea, body aches and exhaustion from not sleeping due to the other symptoms. (This has persisted 5 days so far.)

Day 4, still quite nauseated, we walked into our room in the afternoon to find it had an overpowering odor that smelled like paint remover had been poured all over.  I went to the front desk and reported it. 30 minutes later, they still had not come. So we went back and chewed them out until they gave us a new room.

The new room seemed “ok.” The television worked. The air conditioner actually worked. But the intake for the air conditioner was directly over the toilet.  Thus, every time someone went to the bathroom, the odor got blown into the whole room for all to smell. This gave “family time” a whole new meaning.

Atop all of this, the wifi that you pay extra for made American dial-up look lightning-fast.  It took 10 minutes for us to check-in on the air lines website (leaving) because pages took 3.5 minutes to load.

All in all, the trip was a nightmare that left us feeling like we needed to take another vacation just to recover.


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