Comments From the AVVO Lawyernomics Conference

Day two of the Lawyernomics conference is winding up today at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.  I have to give them props on a nice conference.

As most lawyers are starting to realize, the world has drastically changed as to how people find the companies they use for goods and services.  TV advertising is becomming less and less effective as technologies such as TIVO and Netflix make it easy for the viewer to watch the same show, in shorter time, without having to wait thru those annoying commercials.

As for print ads, who reads the paper? Who uses a phone book?  Like it or not, traditional advertising is on its way out.  But how does someone get clients online?

That’s where Lawyernomics comes in. I have been in charge of the internet marketing for my law firm for several years now. I already know much of what I hear in this conference.  But I learned it the hard way–years of trial and error. What I like about the conference is that not only does it cover all the basics, but it has gotten into many of the new and innovative ideas for getting yourself seen on the web.  It has has something for everyone.

From the basics of social media, to fixing google bad reviews to targeted pay per click advertising, the conference covers it all.  I only wish that I had discovered this conference two years ago before starting my long road of trial and error.

And best of all, its in Vegas!


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